Friday, December 14, 2012

Day Two of Twelve days of Christmas Meditations

On the Second Day of Christmas...

Welcome to DAY TWO of our Twelve Days of Christmas Meditations!

Please try to remember there is no right or wrong. I hope you enjoy whatever your experience turns out to be. It's our Pure Intention that matters! Oodles of love to you and your littles. Xo, Lisa

Let's hop to it!

WE LIGHT. “We light this candle as a reminder of the Christ that is Light within us”

WE SIT. SOMETIMES WE DANCE. In a circle, prayer hands or not, open hands or not, holding hands in a circle could work. {Baby B was much better at sitting and she even started saying "OOOO" as we sat together, so cute! I'm inteding that the more I sit and demonstrate stillness, the more likely they will be to try it. Sometimes they are dancing around me while I set example of being still}. The activity of bowing can help. G really loves “Namaste” and bowing. Namaste translates into “The light in me bows to the light in you”, for me this means “the Christ in me acknowledges the Christ in you.” Lovely! So, we do three Namaste’s and three bows, and sometimes I can't get them to stop. :)

WE SING. Play the song through the Spotify player at the top left of this page! Our song for DAY TWO is How Great Thou Art by CeCe Winans. It fits lovely with our above scripture for the day, 

You go before me and follow me. 
You place your hand of blessing on my head.
(Psalm 139:5, NLT)

How Great Thou Art that you are ALWAYS with me, placing Your hand of blessing over me. Do we remember this as parents, this Truth that God always has His hand on us? Do we invite Spirit to lead our days? Do we remember to place our hand of Blessing on our own children, declaring God's promises over them? A sweet and simple act. Give it a try now and see how it feels. 
For the littles: WHERE DOES GOD LIVE? Are our children aware that the Light of Christ is always available within them? An always present source they can call upon? God lives in our hearts as us. 

Where does God live? In my heart!

WE PRAY. Both of my littles are familiar with the “God Our Father”, a blessing song they’ve both learned at their pre-school class before lunch.
God Our Father(to tune of Where is Thumper)
God our Father
God our Father
Once Again
Once Again
Thank you for our blessings
Thank you for our blessings

Nothing like a little gratitude to open our hearts and invite love in. Then we did a few “Thank you God for ____”. I choose to never judge them for their thankful list. Sometimes it’s people or leaves, cookies or Mickey. I love the sweet gift of hearing what they’ll share!!

WE BREATHE. Hilarious and Oh-so-fun for the littles. An ideal way to teach them to feel their breath. Deep breath in, and exhale OM{sounds like A U M}. Three times. No idea how to "Om"? Click here for the how, or just make up your own way!

And so It is!

And if you're looking for new ways to teach your children about the Love within them, check out these books by Sally Lloyd-Jones. I just ordered ours for Christmas and can't wait to get them!

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