Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day Six of the Twelve Days of Christmas Meditations

On the Sixth Day of Christmas...

Welcome to DAY SIX{eek, we are halfway there!} of our 
Twelve Days of Christmas Meditations 

WE LIGHT. “We light this candle as a reminder of the Christ that is Light within ALL of us”

WE SIT. SOMETIMES WE DANCE. NO, WE DEFINITELY HULA DANCE TODAY. In a circle, prayer hands or not, open hands or not, holding hands in a circle could work. You can try some bowing and “Namaste”. Namaste translates into “The light in me bows to the light in you”, for me this means “the Christ in me acknowledges the Christ in you.”

WE SING. Bing Crosby's Mele Kalikamaka. You can listen through the Spotify player at top left of page. ;)

Like many parents, I've had a heavy heart this week. Naturally my girls don't really understand why, and it felt like a classic case of the sillies would help us all feel better and remember the truth of this season. The Truth is that we are loved and that our hearts can be renewed daily, moment-by-moment by the power of Christ within us. So, let's declare our right to Joy and Safety, and rejoice God's promise with a fun, sweet way to say Merry Christmas! Have a little fun as you dance with your kids for the next 2:57 minutes. You'll feel a little better, I know I do. ;)
No wonder my heart is glad, and I rejoice. 
My body rests in safety. Psalm 16:9
God fills our hearts and bodies with Joy, and God loves when we celebrate His promises(Universal Laws).

WE PRAY. You can try “God Our Father”, or any prayer of thanks here.

God Our Father(to tune of Where is Thumper)
God our Father
God our Father
Once Again
Once Again
Thank you for our blessings
Thank you for our blessings

Try a few “Thank you God for ____”, or "God Bless ____". 

WE BREATHE. Hilarious and Oh-so-fun for the littles. It's not so much about the OM as it is about creating a way for them to connect with their BREATH. Om is an ideal way to teach them to feel their breath. Deep breath in, and exhale OM{sounds like A U M}. Three times. No idea how to "Om"? Click here for the how, or just make up your own way!

MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS WEEK! May all your tasks be done in JOY! :)

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